Connecting to Unisono's Wireless Network

Unisono has two wireless networks, i.e, UNISONO_WIFI and UNIGUEST FREE WIFI.


UNISONO_WIFI is configured for corporate access. All users connecting to this network is limited to Unisono employees/personnel only. UNIGUEST FREE WIFI, on the other hand, is available for everyone. It is originally designed for visitors to easily connect to the Internet wirelessly without having to request a username and password, provided, that they accept Unisono's Internet Usage policy as defined here.


To connect to the UNISONO_WIFI and UNIGUEST FREE WIFI network, all users are bound to agree with the terms and conditions stated in the Acceptable Internet Usage policy. UNISONO_WIFI uses WPA/WPA2 Enterprise authentication.

To connect to the UNISONO_WIFI with your device, use your usual username and password (the same username/password when logging in to timesheets or logging in to the computer). Never share your username and password to anyone.


To connect to UNIGUEST FREE WIFI, you will be taken to an authentication page to review Unisono's Internet Usage Policy. Simply click/tap the button "I Agree" to be able to access the Internet.

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2015-05-13 16:10
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